BMW M5 Refresh Revealed: Avarvarii’s 95% Accurate Render

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BMW M5 Refresh Revealed
BMW M5 Refresh Revealed

The 77th Cannes Film Festival’s red carpet is full of oddities, including a 53-year-old supermodel posing in a semi-see-through dress as if she were in her 20s. But more intriguing is the reveal of the 2025 BMW M5 high-performance executive sedan and its more practical sibling, the M5 Touring.

This is one of BMW’s ‘worst-kept secrets.’ Rumors that the M5 will retain its V8 engine and add plug-in hybrid power have been around for a while. Since then, it has been spied on, leaked, rendered, and teased. Each new spy shot or teaser sparks reactions from the rumor mill and digital car content creators.

BMW M5 Refresh Revealed
BMW M5 Refresh Revealed

Recently, BMW teased the M5 family in an official video, showing the sedan and Touring in camouflage. A brief look revealed the front of the M5, fueling more speculation and digital renderings.

For instance, Avarvarii Automotive Artworks claims their latest design of the silver BMW M5 is 95% accurate based on the teaser video. However, this is speculative since BMW’s design sketch in the teaser suggests changes may still occur.

Stylistically, the next BMW M5 (G90) is more traditional than many recent BMW models, like the M2, M3, M4, 7 Series, i7, X7 LCI, and XM. It will share a PHEV powertrain with the BMW XM (Label Red), albeit with more power. BMW likely hopes this model will avoid the controversies of its recent designs.

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