2024 GMC Sierra EV: Delivering Style, Speed, and Innovation in Every Drive

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2024 GMC Sierra EV
2024 GMC Sierra EV

The Dodge Charger, which debuted in 1966 as a high-end fastback directly competing with the Rambler Marlin, had a major makeover for the 1968 model year. The business rejected opulent details in favor of performance-focused improvements, adopting a sportier design philosophy that resulted in the creation of the legendary R/T variant.

While the exterior and interior received comprehensive redesigns, the heart of the Charger remained largely unchanged. Notably, the 440-cubic-inch (7.2-liter) RB and 426-cubic-inch (7.0-liter) HEMI big-block engines persisted, finding their true calling in the sought-after R/T model, now a cherished classic.

With 17,582 units sold, the R/T enjoyed relative popularity. However, the majority of these specimens were equipped with the standard 440 Magnum engine, delivering 375 horsepower and 480 pound-feet of torque. Only 475 units rolled off the assembly line with the revered 426 HEMI, the crown jewel of Mopar’s golden muscle car era. The immaculate example showcased here proudly stands among this elite group.

2024 GMC Sierra EV
2024 GMC Sierra EV

Set to command attention at Mecum’s Indy 2024 event, and this Charger boasts a flawless Bronze Poly exterior, complemented by matching wheels, a black stripe, and a black vinyl top. While not the most coveted color combination, it harmonizes well with the Charger’s distinctive “Coke bottle” silhouette, a rarity on today’s roads.

Boasting an array of convenience features including power steering and brakes, front discs, bucket seats, and a rear defroster, this Charger epitomizes the automotive luxury of its time. A radio delete option chosen by the original owner further accentuates its performance-oriented ethos.

Not surprisingly, this meticulously restored Charger commands a six-figure price tag at auction. Far from a modest sum, Mecum forecasts a staggering $225,000 to $275,000, a testament to its rarity and historical significance in the pantheon of American muscle cars.


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