GMC’s 2024 Electric Sierra: Affordable, Green, and Packed with Features

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GMC's 2024 Electric Sierra
GMC's 2024 Electric Sierra

Caught on camera by KindelAuto in the United States, a camouflaged prototype has emerged, bearing a striking resemblance to the EV9 crossover in its styling cues rather than the internal combustion Tasman pickup truck. The front end, adorned with headlights reminiscent of the EV9, and the rear, featuring taillights inspired by those of the Santa Cruz, make a clear design statement.

Sporting six-lug wheels unlike the EV9 and Santa Cruz, this zero-emission pickup truck boasts a diverse array of paint colors: blue at the forefront, black pillars, white mirror caps, and gray fenders, doors, and roof. Complete with rear bumper steps akin to the Hyundai Santa Cruz, this manufacturer-plated vehicle hints at a promising future.

Inside, a peek at the camouflaged interior reveals a layout reminiscent of Santa Cruz’s dual-screen setup rather than the larger screens seen in the EV9. Whatever lies concealed beneath the camo, it’s difficult to envision this electric pickup truck embracing old-fashioned gauges.

GMC's 2024 Electric Sierra
GMC’s 2024 Electric Sierra

Details regarding the series production timeline and potential manufacturing location remain undisclosed. However, speculation points towards the Metaplant in West Point, Georgia, as a viable candidate. With EV9 production set to commence by the end of May 2024, facilitated by the factory’s capabilities, the EV9 stands to qualify for the full $7,500 tax credit, presenting an enticing prospect for prospective buyers.

The EV9 configurations range from single-motor RWD to dual-motor AWD. The Light RWD variant leads the lineup, boasting an EPA driving range of 230 miles and seating for seven. However, the Light Long Range RWD variant emerges as the standout choice, featuring second-row captain’s chairs, a HomeLink garage opener, and a larger battery for an EPA-estimated 304 miles of range.

For those seeking greater range, alternatives such as the Telluride offer ample space for families. Alternatively, enthusiasts may consider rear-biased sport utility vehicles like the Mazda CX-90, providing diverse options within the automotive world.

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