Pontiac’s 1957 Success: Sales Surge & Model Lineup Revamp

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Pontiac's 1957
Pontiac's 1957

Pontiac’s decision to revamp its lineup paid off, propelling the GM division to fourth place in sales, trailing only Chevrolet, Ford, and Plymouth. With 382,940 vehicles produced, Pontiac narrowly surpassed Oldsmobile, which had 382,864 units. Pontiac offered seven body styles: two- and four-door post sedans, two- and four-door hardtops, a convertible, and two and four-door station wagons.

Hardtops, including the Star Chief Custom Catalina and Super Chief Catalina, were the most popular, while the convertible was the least. The Bonneville was introduced as Pontiac’s priciest and most exclusive model, with only 630 built. All Bonnevilles were convertibles featuring the Fuel Injection engine.

Pontiac's 1957
Pontiac’s 1957

Prices for the 1957 Pontiac lineup varied: the affordable Chieftain 860 cost $2,279, the mid-range Super Chief started at $2,465, and the top-tier Star Chief was $2,543. By comparison, Chevrolet’s 150 was $1,885, the 210 was $1,953, and the Bel Air was $2,055.

Although Pontiac was only the eighth most popular brand in 1956, their transformation into a performance and luxury brand boosted its 1957 sales and market position.

These updates, coupled with Pontiac’s marketing efforts, made the 1957 models highly desirable and led to a significant sales increase, reflecting the brand’s strategic success in responding to market demands and consumer preferences.

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