Lincoln Continental: A Legacy of Luxury and Automotive History

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Lincoln Continental
Lincoln Continental

Over the years, there have been several resuscitations and discontinuations of the Lincoln Continental, a well-known moniker in automotive history. The Continental continues to be a defining emblem for Lincoln even in the face of the growing SUV industry.

Originally introduced in 1939, the Continental underwent various iterations, including coupes, convertibles, limousines, and sedans, throughout its storied history. One notable revival occurred in 2017, marking the fifth iteration of the Continental.

Lincoln Continental
Lincoln Continental

While its recent discontinuation in 2020 may suggest a shift in market demand, the Continental retains its significance within Lincoln’s lineup. From its humble beginnings as a two-door luxury car, the Continental evolved into a flagship model renowned for its distinctive design and luxurious features.

Despite its discontinuation, the Continental’s legacy endures, with enthusiasts and collectors cherishing its historical significance. Recently, attention turned to a 1946 Continental seeking a new home, highlighting the enduring appeal of vintage models and their role in automotive culture.


By Jayson O'Neil

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