Discover the Modified 1935 Ford: A Salt Flat Racer with Post-Apocalyptic Charm

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Modified 1935 Ford
Modified 1935 Ford

Auctions across America regularly showcase remarkable vehicles, but it’s rare to encounter a salt flat racer reminiscent of a Mad Max movie. The highly modified 1935 Ford, presented at a recent event, immediately evokes such imagery. Its black exterior and retro aesthetics conjure visions of a post-apocalyptic world.

Though titled as a 1935 Ford due to its underlying frame, the truck body originates from a 1940 all-steel model produced by Ford. This vehicle, a former contender in the C/TO class of the Bonneville National Speed Week, bears markings of its past exploits on its doors.

Modified 1935 Ford
Modified 1935 Ford

Despite its decade-long hiatus from racing, the truck’s engine and components remain primed for performance, boasting a 383ci powerplant with Edelbrock cylinder heads and a custom Holley carburetor, as well as an unchanged automatic transmission from its racing days.

While some racing equipment has been removed since its retirement in 2014, including roll cages and fire suppression systems, essential parts remain intact, albeit replaced, such as the wheels, tires, and rear-end gear.

Moreover, the interior now exudes a custom show truck aesthetic, featuring an elegant heated bench seat, a custom Autosound radio, and Classic Instruments gauges. Presently listed for sale during the Mecum Tulsa auction, this 1935 Ford salt flat racer’s previous offer of $17,250 was declined in 2022.

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