Ford’s V8 and Hybrid Mustang Future: Insights from CEO Jim Farley

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Ford's V8 and Hybrid Mustang Future
Ford's V8 and Hybrid Mustang Future

Ford Motor Company’s top executive made a firm statement, asserting, “We will never produce an all-electric Mustang,” emphasizing the distinction between the Mustang and the Mustang Mach-E, which represents a departure from the traditional two-door coupe and convertible.

Jim Farley also disclosed plans for exploring new Mustang variants, contemplating the possibility of alternative body forms, including a four-door model, provided they retain the performance and spirit of the original.

While this does not confirm the development of a sedan-bodied Mustang, Farley remains open to the idea. He reaffirmed Ford’s commitment to producing V8 engines as long as regulations permit, ensuring the continuation of the iconic Coyote engine in Mustangs and the popular F-150 trucks.

Ford's V8 and Hybrid Mustang Future
Ford’s V8 and Hybrid Mustang Future

Ford’s Super Duty lineup also features V8 powerplants, including the 7.3-liter Godzilla engine, signaling the company’s dedication to maintaining a diverse engine lineup. Additionally, Farley expressed a commitment to preserving manual transmissions, with the S650 Mustang being the sole manual offering in the U.S. market as of May 2024.

Regarding hybrid powertrains, Ford has conducted tests but has not confirmed their integration into the S650 Mustang. However, Ford’s 60th Anniversary Celebration Livestream featured a hybrid Mustang prototype, indicating ongoing exploration of hybrid technology.

While the future of the S650 and S750 Mustang models remains uncertain, internal combustion engines will persist as long as Jim Farley remains at the helm. In contrast, General Motors is exploring an electric sedan concept for the Camaro, signaling differing strategies among Detroit’s automotive giants.


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