1970 Mustang Restomod: A 1969 Boss 429 Transformation with 800+ HP

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1970 Mustang Restomod
1970 Mustang Restomod

Consider the 1970 model year Mustang, which underwent restyling to adopt a less aggressive appearance compared to its predecessor. This shift involved eliminating the quad-headlight setup from the 1969 model and introducing two fins on the exterior grille.

However, the decision to simplify the design did not yield the expected increase in sales; instead, 1969 models ultimately outsold the 1970 counterparts.

Enter this restomod, originally a 1970 Mustang but transformed into a striking rendition reminiscent of a 1969 Boss 429, albeit with a distinctive twist.

1970 Mustang Restomod
1970 Mustang Restomod

Externally, it boasts an all-black finish accented by red ‘Boss 429’ badging, a hood scoop, flared wheel arches, and a front spoiler. Additional features include quarter panel vents, American Racing 18″ wheels, and Wilwood red-finished calipers.

Internally, the customization continues with black leather front bucket seats, air conditioning, a custom center console, and a JVC head unit. Performance-wise, it’s equipped with a 572 ci V8 engine generating over 800 horsepower, mated to a T56 six-speed manual transmission.

Presently offered for sale in Poolesville, Maryland, it recently failed to sell at auction, declining an impressive $208,000 bid. This refusal underscores the owner’s steadfast commitment to this unique creation.


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