Kia’s Electric Cars Are Hot! Sales Zoom Up in April

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Kia's Electric Innovations
Kia's Electric Innovations

Kia’s overall car sales haven’t changed much lately, but their electric car sales are booming! In April 2024, Kia sold nearly 17,140 electric vehicles globally, which is a whopping 90% increase compared to last year. This means electric cars now make up almost 7% of Kia’s total sales.

Kia has a bunch of electric car models available, including the EV3, EV6, and Niro EV. They’re expecting this electric car sales growth to keep going strong thanks to two new releases coming later this year: the all-new EV3 and an updated version of the EV6.

Kia's Lineup Overhaul
Kia’s Lineup Overhaul

There’s a slight difference between the sales numbers Kia reports. “Retail sales” refer to cars actually sold to customers, while “wholesale shipments” are more related to production numbers. Kia’s best-selling electric car so far has been the EV6, but with a new version coming out, they expect those sales to pick back up soon. Here’s a quick breakdown of Kia’s electric car sales in April:

  • Retail sales: Up 90% year-over-year to nearly 17,140 units.
  • Wholesale shipments (E-GMP models): Down 6% year-over-year to 8,904 units (this includes EV3, EV6, and EV9 production).

Looking at sales so far this year (2024), Kia has sold over 61,000 electric cars to customers, which is a growth rate of over 70%. Kia’s electric car business is doing great, even though their total car sales haven’t changed much.


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