Second Chance for Chevy? GM to Revive Plug-In Hybrid Cars in 2027

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Remember the Chevrolet Volt? That was GM’s last attempt at plug-in hybrids in the US, and it ended in 2019. But guess what? GM is changing course and bringing them back in 2027!

This decision comes at a time when new government rules are being put in place to reduce car emissions. These new rules kick in around the same time as the new GM plug-in hybrids hit dealerships in 2027. Coincidence? Absolutely not!

Here’s the thing: GM is still committed to electric vehicles (EVs). They have a bunch of new electric cars coming out soon, including the Chevy Silverado EV pickup truck and a new Chevy Bolt EUV. They’re also working on more affordable EVs and even some luxury electric cars from Cadillac.

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However, the electric car market isn’t quite as strong as they were hoping, so GM decided to play it safe and bring back plug-in hybrids to meet these new emission standards. As GM CEO Mary Barra said, it’s “giving consumers more options” and helping them comply with the regulations.

We don’t know exactly which plug-in hybrids GM will be releasing in the US yet. They might bring over some existing models from China, like the Buick Velite 6 or the Wuling Starlight sedan. These might get a makeover before they hit US showrooms.

So, while GM is still charging ahead with electric cars, they’re also hedging their bets with a return of the plug-in hybrid!


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