GM Turns the Corner: Electric Car Problems Fixed, CEO Says

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Remember when GM was supposed to be a big player in electric vehicles (EVs)? Well, things didn’t exactly go smoothly in 2023. They had problems with both batteries and software, which caused delays for some new electric car models.

GM’s CEO, Mary Barra, says they’ve learned from their mistakes and are now ready to move forward. They’ve been working hard to fix the battery and software issues, and they’re confident that the worst is behind them.

GM Electric Truck

This week and next, we’ll see reviews of two new Chevy electric vehicles: the Silverado EV RST and the Equinox EV. These are important launches for GM, so let’s hope they’ve truly ironed out the kinks.

But there’s another question: will people actually want to buy these new EVs? The Equinox EV especially seems like a good deal. Can GM convince people to switch from other brands, or will they end up having to discount the price to sell them all?

One thing’s for sure: some car companies seem to be getting cold feet about EVs. After a rough few months of electric car sales, some companies are starting to talk about offering more hybrid and gas-powered cars again. This is a big change from what they were saying just a few years ago.

Kia is one of the few exceptions. They’re still making some of the best electric cars on the market, but they’re also considering offering more hybrid and plug-in hybrid options in the future.


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