Space Force Gives Satellite a Lift with High-Tech ‘Jetpack’

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The US Space Force is giving their satellites a special upgrade! They’re building a kind of “space mechanic” called Otter that can attach itself to existing satellites and give them an extra two years of power and movement.

This is a big deal because normally, satellites can’t be refueled or get stronger once they’re launched into space. But Otter can dock with a satellite and basically act like a jetpack, giving it the boost it needs to keep working.

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The US Army Jetpack

The company building Otter, Starfish Space, has already tried this out with a smaller version called Otter Pup. Otter Pup wasn’t perfect – it couldn’t get as close to the other satellite as planned because of a problem. But it did manage to get close enough to take pictures, which was good enough for the Space Force.

This successful test mission convinced the Space Force to hire Starfish Space to build a bigger, better Otter. This new Otter will be able to help satellites in many ways, not just by giving them extra power. For example, it could help them move to a different spot in space or even take them out of orbit entirely when they’re no longer needed.

Other companies are also working on ways to refuel and improve satellites in space. The Space Force has contracts with other companies to build different machines that can dock with satellites and give them a boost.


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