Mugen Body Kit: Performance Upgrades for FL5 – Features and Specs

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Mugen Body Kit
Mugen Body Kit

The Mugen body kit, consisting of FR10 aluminum wheels and various aerodynamic components, enhances both performance and aesthetics. The wheels, coupled with high-strength lug nuts, contribute to weight reduction and improved handling.

With a top speed of 171 mph and a 0-60 mph time of approximately five seconds, the Mugen FL5 offers impressive performance credentials. The inclusion of LED taillights and a unique exhaust system further adds to its appeal.

Mugen Body Kit
Mugen Body Kit

Interior upgrades include carbon-fiber garnish and performance dampers for improved stability. Mugen also offers full bucket seats for enhanced support and comfort during spirited driving.

Available exclusively through King Motorsports Unlimited in the US, Mugen parts offer enthusiasts the opportunity to customize their vehicles with high-quality components.

Despite some parts being temporarily out of stock, Mugen continues to offer enthusiasts a range of performance-enhancing options. With the upcoming release of the Group B aero kit, Mugen remains committed to providing innovative solutions for automotive enthusiasts.

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