1966 GTO Survivor: Originality and Rarity in Pristine Condition

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1966 GTO
1966 GTO

The 1966 GTO experienced unprecedented sales success, with a significant portion equipped with manual transmissions and high-performance engine options. Despite being a minority, automatic transmission variants like the one featured in the photo still hold value, particularly if preserved in original condition.

This particular GTO, advertised as a survivor, retains its originality and has never undergone restoration. Its well-maintained condition, coupled with its rarity, makes it an attractive option for collectors seeking authentic examples of the iconic muscle car.

1966 GTO
1966 GTO

Located in New Mexico, the GTO has avoided rust and remains structurally sound, a testament to its well-preserved state. While aftermarket wheels are fitted, the original components are included, adding to its authenticity.

Despite minor issues such as non-functional air conditioning, the GTO’s whole condition and documentation justify its asking price of $52,000. However, potential buyers are advised to conduct thorough inspections to verify their claims and ensure a sound investment.


By Jayson O'Neil

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