Rare Find: 1965 Impala Wagon with Turbo-Jet V8

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1965 Impala Wagon
1965 Impala Wagon

In the debut year of the fourth-generation Impala in 1965, GM introduced a new era of full-sized B-body muscle cars under Chevrolet’s banner. The ’65 Impala, available in various body styles, offered a remarkable array of engine options, including small-block V8s, big blocks, and a straight-six engine.

This diversity allowed buyers to customize their Impalas to suit their driving preferences, from everyday commuting to spirited weekend drives.

1965 Impala Wagon with Turbo-Jet V8
1965 Impala Wagon with Turbo-Jet V8

Among the ’65 Impalas, one particular variant stands out: the rare Impala Wagon equipped with a two-speed Powerglide automatic transmission and the elusive 409-cubic-inch variant of GM’s Turbo-Jet big block V8. Despite the unconventional pairing of a two-speed transmission with a powerful engine, this unique combination adds to the vehicle’s allure and rarity.

While some features of this Impala may not appeal to modern tastes, such as the vibrant red vinyl interior, its originality and scarcity contribute to its value. Despite its asking price of $38,000, this ’65 Impala Wagon represents a piece of automotive history meticulously preserved for enthusiasts to appreciate and enjoy.


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