Fiberfab Valkyrie Avenger: Kit Car Craftsmanship

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Fiberfab Valkyrie Avenger
Fiberfab Valkyrie Avenger

Established in 1964 in Palo Alto, California, Fiberfab’s origins trace back to Warren Harding “Bud” Goodwin, a fiberglass craftsman with a turbulent past. Despite Goodwin’s personal challenges, Fiberfab maintained its reputation for quality craftsmanship, as evidenced by this Valkyrie Avenger kit car.

While Goodwin’s legal troubles could have spelled the end for Fiberfab, the company persevered, producing kit cars of impressive build quality. The Valkyrie Avenger, a tribute to an Anglo-American racing icon, showcases Fiberfab’s attention to detail and unique design features.

Fiberfab Valkyrie Avenger
Fiberfab Valkyrie Avenger

Although powered by a modest 1,600 cc air-cooled VW boxer engine, this kit car’s distinctive aesthetics and craftsmanship set it apart. While it may not match the performance of its inspiration, the GT40, enthusiasts can appreciate the potential for engine swaps, such as an LS or Coyote motor, to enhance its capabilities.

Despite its modest powertrain, the Valkyrie Avenger represents the spirit of customization and individuality embraced by the kit car community, offering enthusiasts a canvas for personalization and performance upgrades.


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