China’s Latest Plug-In Hybrid SUV Claims 684 Miles

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China's Latest Plug-In Hybrid SUV Claims 684 Miles
BYD Seal U DM-i (Credits: BYD)

Fresh from introducing the Shark pickup truck in Mexico, BYD has added another plug-in hybrid model to its lineup. Named the Seal U DM-i, this PHEV will soon be available in Europe, expanding the range of vehicles offered by the Chinese automaker in the region.

The Seal U DM-i stands for Utility Dual Mode, with the “i” representing intelligence. It’s an SUV version of the Seal electric sedan, combining elements of the sedan’s design with SUV features like its two-box body and raised ride height. This new model will compete with SUVs like the Hyundai Santa Fe and Mitsubishi Outlander.

The BYD Seal U DM-i comes in three versions: Design, Comfort, and Boost. The Design trim is the most powerful, equipped with two electric motors and a turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine. It boasts a combined power output of 319 horsepower and a range of 540 miles, with 43 miles being electric-only.

China's Latest Plug-In Hybrid SUV Claims 684 Miles
BYD Seal U DM-i (Credits: BYD)

The Boost and Comfort variants have a single electric motor and a detuned gasoline engine, offering a combined output of 215 hp. The Boost version has a range of up to 671 miles, while the Comfort variant can go up to 684 miles on a full charge.

The SUV is packed with features like the OTA-ready Intelligent Cockpit System, a 15.6-inch rotatable screen, and a 12.3-inch LCD panel. The BYD app allows remote control of various functions, and advanced safety features include adaptive cruise control and collision warnings.

The BYD Seal U DM-i will hit European showrooms next month and will arrive in the UK in the fall. However, BYD has confirmed that it has no plans to sell this model in the US for now, likely due to high import duties on Chinese-made products.


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