Mansory’s Ferrari 812 GTS Transformation: A Masterful Evolution

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Mansory's Ferrari 812 GTS Transformation
Mansory's Ferrari 812 GTS Transformation

Mansory’s latest iteration of the Ferrari 812 GTS, echoing the Stallone Tempesta Nera, is a remarkable machine, demonstrating that the choice of color significantly influences the tuner’s designs.

This model sports a matte green finish that gives off a military vibe, ideally matching the supercar’s convertible nature. While the forged carbon accents on the front splitter, side skirts, and rear diffuser aren’t particularly appealing to us, they aren’t too distracting in this context.

Mansory's Ferrari 812 GTS Transformation
Mansory’s Ferrari 812 GTS Transformation

In a world where many custom car modifications miss the mark, Mansory’s transformation of the Ferrari 812 GTS stands out for all the right reasons. This exclusive model showcases a motorsport-inspired additional brake light, a prominent Mansory-branded wing, and various aftermarket enhancements. The Italian flag motif is prominently displayed on the hood, windscreen frame, rear deck, wing, side mirror casings, vented front vents, and intricately designed new wheels.

The tricolor theme continues with the Italian flag gracing the sides of the rear wing, brake calipers, cockpit, seats, floor mats, paddle shifters, and numerous other elements. Inside, Alcantara dominates the interior, complemented by contrasting piping, Mansory-branded seatbelts, steering wheel, headrests, exclusive entry sills, and other refined details that raise the car’s aesthetic.

While some might not be fans of the forged carbon accents or the flashy wheels, it’s undeniable that this project is a head-turner. Although the cost of this makeover remains undisclosed, it’s clear that the upgrades from Mansory, known for their luxury price tags, are worth a fortune. The controversial tuner has managed to craft a vehicle that impresses with its detailed craftsmanship and striking design.


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