Rare Pontiac Banshee Prototype: Untouched Original, Unmatched Legacy

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Rare Pontiac Banshee Prototype
Rare Pontiac Banshee Prototype

The Banshee is a largely forgotten chapter in Pontiac’s history, overshadowed by the fact that it never saw full-scale production. Conceived by John DeLorean, this prototype series included only a handful of models.

The journey began in 1964 with the creation of the XP-833. This was followed by the development of a four-passenger variant, the XP-851, and shortly thereafter, the XP-858. In 1966, Pontiac’s design team revealed another prototype, the XP-798, before General Motors ultimately decided to terminate the project.

A fascinating project that GM abandoned overnight out of concern that it would compete with the Corvette is the XP-833, which is currently for sale. Given the obvious similarities between the two, General Motors decided against having Pontiac and Chevrolet go for the same market. In the end, the Banshee had an impact on the Corvette’s design in the late 1960s.

Rare Pontiac Banshee Prototype
Rare Pontiac Banshee Prototype (Pontiac Banshee)

Nestled within the confines of a nondescript garage in Milford, Connecticut, resides a piece of automotive history shrouded in mystique: the Banshee, a prototype born from the halls of Pontiac. Its journey began when a passionate engineer, enamored by its design, spirited it away from the confines of the factory floor to his abode.

For decades, it lay dormant, hidden from the world until 2006, when fate intervened with the passing of its owner. Emerging from obscurity, the Banshee made sporadic appearances at prestigious car shows, fascinating onlookers with its pristine condition and unchanged mileage. As an untouched relic, it stands as a testament to its era, offering prospective buyers an opportunity to own a pristine piece of automotive heritage.

Yet, with its exorbitant price tag of $1 million, this museum-grade Pontiac presents a formidable challenge even to the most affluent collectors, positioning itself as a rare gem among the pantheon of classic cars. Should one seek to bask in its glory firsthand, the garage in Milford extends an invitation to experience this unparalleled marvel of engineering, complete with financing options for those undeterred by its lofty cost.

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