Rare 1969 Road Runner 383: Classic Muscle Upgrades

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Rare 1969 Road Runner 383
Rare 1969 Road Runner 383

The 1969 Road Runner is regarded as a unique vehicle and is held in high regard. However, among its well-known variations is the frequently disregarded HEMI model, which is an uncommon one with only 787 produced, as well as the 440 Six-Pack, which has only 1,412 produced. Not to be overlooked is the rare convertible variant, a jewel with just 1,890 units made in all drivetrain combinations.

However, within this abundance lies hidden treasures; certain 383-powered specimens stand out, adorned with rare factory options or bestowed with bespoke aftermarket enhancements. Take, for instance, the striking Rallye Green rendition, a prime exemplar showcasing both attributes in harmonious union.

The standout feature of this car is the N96-coded Air Grabber hood. Although the exact number of 383 cars ordered with this feature is unknown, it is clear that the Air Grabber hood is uncommon with this engine. Additionally, this Road Runner appears to sit slightly lower than standard models, but most of its upgrades are concealed under the metallic green exterior.

Rare 1969 Road Runner 383
Rare 1969 Road Runner 383 (Plymouth)

The 383 V8 engine has been notably enhanced with a four-barrel Holley carburetor under the “Coyote Duster” air cleaner, and the factory intake manifold has been replaced with an aluminum Edelbrock Performer 383 unit, which significantly improves torque across a wide rpm range for better throttle response.

The seats share a similar design, featuring green-stitched stripes dividing the sides from the center sections. Additionally, the rear compartment now has two seats instead of the usual bench, although the large hump between them is somewhat unsightly. More green Road Runner figures adorn the custom floor mats and the area between the rear seats.

Beyond the upgrades, this Road Runner appears to be in excellent condition, likely due to a recent restoration. The VIN indicates it is a factory hardtop (RM23). The 383 V8 is paired with a four-speed manual gearbox, making this Road Runner one of 21,278 units produced with this body style and drivetrain configuration in 1969.

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