2024 Shelby Super Snake: Pricing, Options & Performance Upgrades

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2024 Shelby Super Snake
2024 Shelby Super Snake

Shelby American is offering an enticing new option for 2024: a Super Snake variant based on the Ford Mustang GT. The base model includes the 401A Premium High Equipment Group and the Performance Package, with buyers having the flexibility to select the body style, color, and transmission. However, there are no additional options for luxury features, tire selections, or luggage accessories.

Available in both fastback and convertible forms, the Super Snake offers a choice between a six-speed manual and a ten-speed automatic transmission and can be finished in one of six primary colors with four stripe options. Priced at $159,995 for the basic fastback model with a manual transmission and standard color, the new ‘triple S’ Mustang promises to be a thrilling addition to the lineup.

Choosing the ten-speed automatic transmission adds $1,595, and selecting a non-standard color ranges from $295 (Atlas Blue, Race Red) to $495 (Rapid Red Metallic). The three-stripe graphics are mandatory and included at no extra cost. Opting for a convertible increases the price by $5,500.

2024 Shelby Super Snake
2024 Shelby Super Snake (Shelby)

The highest-priced 2024 Shelby Super Snake is $167,585, featuring the Ford Mustang GT convertible with the Premium High (401A) Equipment Group and the GT Performance Package, a ten-speed automatic transmission with a 3.55 rear axle gearing, Rapid Red Metallic color, and a black convertible top.

The most aggressive version is the six-speed manual, paired only with a 3.73:1 differential. Shelby’s latest performer starts with a Base Chassis MSRP of $59,440 (the cost of the standard GT Premium with the Performance Package). The Super Snake Package adds $100,555, making it 40% more than the base Mustang GT Premium.

For $100,000, buyers get an 830+ hp car with a supercharger, extreme cooling system with a radiator and heat exchanger, Borla exhausts, performance half-shafts, a one-piece drive shaft (manual only), a short throw shifter (manual only), hardened extended wheel studs, a performance suspension system, 20” forged magnesium wheels, performance tires, and upgraded brake rotors.

Additionally, the Shelby Super Snake includes carbon fiber body elements, an aluminum hood, various aerodynamic add-ons, and interior upgrades. Each of the 250 units for the US market will have two serialized plaques – one on the dash and one on the engine – along with several other Shelby trademarks.

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