140,000 Callum Skye Takes Electric Vehicles to New Heights

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140,000 Callum Skye Takes Electric Vehicles to New Heights
Callum Skye by Ian Callum

Callum, a British design and engineering company started by Ian Callum, has introduced its first self-made vehicle named the Skye. The first real version of the car will be shown at a special event in London later this month. We got a glimpse of it back in November 2023, and here’s what we can expect from this electric off-roader.

The Skye runs on a 42 kWh battery, which can go about 170 miles before needing a recharge. Callum hasn’t given exact numbers for power, but they say this futuristic buggy can go from 0 to 60 mph in under four seconds. That’s quite fast, especially considering the car only weighs 2,535 lbs. Even though it’s small, its performance is similar to other electric off-roaders like the Rivian R1T. Callum says there’s also an option for a special battery that charges super fast, getting a full charge in less than 10 minutes.

In terms of size, the Skye is pretty small, measuring 159.3 inches long. That’s shorter than a Kia Seltos but a bit longer than a Hyundai Venue. It’s wide enough, though, at 74.8 inches, so it definitely stands out on the road. It looks really futuristic, almost like a beach buggy. The shape of the back window is especially cool, like the rear window on some old Camaros.

140,000 Callum Skye Takes Electric Vehicles to New Heights
Callum Skye by Ian Callum

We haven’t seen the whole inside yet, but Callum says the pictures we’ve seen give an idea of what it’ll look like. It seems like it’ll be fancy and sporty, with a slim console that goes down from the dashboard. There are some dials for controlling things like the air conditioning, and there’s a three-spoke steering wheel with red at the top, plus a touchscreen that works with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Even though it’s small, Callum says the Skye can fit up to four people. There are two sporty seats in the front and a bench in the back that’s “good for kids.” If you’re not using the back seats, you can take them out to make more room for stuff. Callum hasn’t given exact numbers, but they say there’s enough space for sports gear or for a weekend trip.

Now, about the price—it’s pretty high. The Skye costs between £80,000 ($101,600) and £110,000 ($140,000). That’s a lot, especially compared to other cars like the GMC Hummer EV 3X Pickup e4WD. But Ian Callum is known for making beautiful cars, and the Skye has a really nice interior with lots of attention to detail. We’ll learn more about it when it’s fully revealed later this month.


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