Next Generation EV Restomods Revealed by Zero Labs Automotive

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Next Generation EV Restomods Revealed by Zero Labs Automotive
EV Restomods by Zero Labs Automotive

Zero Labs, based in Los Angeles, California, has revealed its latest electric vehicle platform called Generation IV. The company has been making electric vehicle restomods for some time, aiming to raise awareness about climate change and promote the benefits of electric vehicles. This new generation of its platform aims to offer more options for people looking for unique solutions for their classic vehicles.

Electric vehicle restomods, where vintage cars like Broncos and Porsches are converted into electric vehicles, are becoming more popular. While some people criticize this practice, companies like Zero Labs see it as a way to keep beloved older vehicles on the road for a long time.

Generation IV builds on the company’s experience in delivering electric vehicle conversions since 2021. Last year, it showcased a 600-horsepower Ford Bronco conversion at the Consumer Electronics Show. This vehicle had a range of up to 235 miles, giving a glimpse of what the upcoming Gen IV technology could offer.

Next Generation EV Restomods Revealed by Zero Labs Automotive
EV Restomods by Zero Labs Automotive

After further development, Zero Labs says it has perfected the technology and is ready to roll out conversion kits to customers. The Gen IV platform features a standard 600-horsepower dual-motor setup with a range of over 235 miles, thanks to 85 or 100-kilowatt-hour battery packs. It also includes rebuilt frames, upgraded suspensions, Level 3 DC fast charging, and interior enhancements while retaining the original design aesthetic. These vehicles also offer ride height control and improved road performance.

Zero Labs offers conversions for various vehicle formats, including SUVs, pickup trucks, muscle cars, and 2-door coupes, supporting models like the International Scout, Ford F250, and Jeep Wagoneer across different model years.

Apart from individual conversions, Zero Labs is exploring business-to-business opportunities, potentially working with startup OEMs, private companies, and government fleets. The company sees a lot of potential in this area, considering the unique skills required for such conversions.

Adam Roe, the founder and CEO of Zero Labs Automotive, aims to support the revolution of decarbonizing millions of fossil-fuel-based vehicles by the end of the next decade. While the company hasn’t disclosed specific details about the conversion process, interested individuals can visit its website for more information and explore the offerings, including frequently asked questions.


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