Vintage Corvette C3: Pristine Condition Auction Find

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Vintage Corvette C3
Vintage Corvette C3

In 1969, Chevrolet’s Corvette C3 saw impressive sales, with a total of 28,566 units sold. Notably, the convertible model was especially popular, making up 65.22% of these sales with 18,630 units. This particular convertible has a unique history, having been owned by only two people.

The second owner, a former flight attendant for Eastern Airlines, purchased the car in 1974 and cherished it for many years before deciding to stop driving due to her age. Throughout her ownership, the Corvette was meticulously maintained and kept in a garage, preserving its condition. The automobile was sold when she moved into a retirement community, and it is currently up for auction on eBay with a $1 no-reserve bid.

Vintage Corvette C3
Vintage Corvette C3 (Chevrolet)

The car still looks impressive with its original red paint, although the air conditioning is not connected. The drivetrain is strong, and the car is ready for the road with 46,000 original miles.

It has had necessary maintenance performed, such as new tires, calipers, and a convertible top. The Corvette, which has a starting price of $510 and is parked in Miami, has drawn interest. The auction has several days remaining, and the seller is open to questions from potential buyers.

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