Bugatti Chiron Sur Mesure: Tribute to Automotive Legacy

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Bugatti Chiron Sur Mesure
Bugatti Chiron Sur Mesure

Bugatti is marking the end of Chiron’s production era with the introduction of the Chiron Sur Mesure, a special edition that pays tribute to the brand’s storied past. This unique model, inspired by the Chiron Super Sport, incorporates distinctive features that honor the legendary Type 55.

Adorned with a striking black-and-yellow two-tone paint scheme and distinctive “55 1 of 1” decals, the Chiron Sur Mesure celebrates a car that has been synonymous with Bugatti’s legacy for nearly a century. The Type 55, a road-legal iteration of the Type 55 Grand Prix racer, was one of the fastest cars of its time, boasting a 2.3-liter straight-8 engine and available in both coupe and convertible forms.

The Chiron Sur Mesure mirrors this design heritage with similar paint patterns and sleek black racing stripes, bridging the past and present of Bugatti’s extraordinary journey in automotive excellence.

Bugatti Chiron Sur Mesure
Bugatti Chiron Sur Mesure (Bugatti)

According to Hendrik Malinowski, Managing Director for Bugatti Automobiles, the Sur Mesure program epitomizes bespoke craftsmanship, blending past and present with innovative techniques. The Chiron Sur Mesure is a testament to this commitment, celebrating Bugatti’s legacy.

Bugatti is gearing up to launch a new hypercar featuring a V16 engine and a probable hybrid-electric powertrain. In light of this, the Chiron Sur Mesure is crafted to immortalize the model alongside the iconic Veyron. The lucky owner of this bespoke Chiron is truly privileged to possess such a remarkable piece of automotive heritage.


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