NFS Unbound Update: Enhanced Drag and Drift Modes

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NFS Unbound Update
NFS Unbound Update

In the latest iteration of NFS Unbound, a fresh drag mode reminiscent of NFS Underground has been introduced, boasting a blend of strategic lane-switching and manual gear shifting, coupled with deftly dodging obstacles and precise timing of N2O boosts.

Notably, a contemporary touch is added with the inclusion of pre-race tire warming, elevating the experience by offering a Burst Nitrous reward for impeccable temperature maintenance.

Moving forward to Vol. 7, the introduction of Drift Mode heralds a new era of gameplay dynamics, particularly with the integration of Drift Pro Tires.

This enhancement brings about a more immersive experience, as car sliding now feels inherently natural, enabling deeper angles and extended drifts for enthusiasts of the art of drifting. The twin drifting feature allows players to drift alongside others without collisions. Both Drag and Drift modes can be enjoyed in Free Roam and PvP.

NFS Unbound Update
NFS Unbound Update (NFS)

A manual reset feature, long overdue, now allows players to reset their car if facing the wrong way or moving slowly. Additional updates include a League progression system, new races, events, and PvP activities. The Player vs. Player mode features 37 new playlists, including 20 Drift Pro routes, 37 Drag Routes, and more.

NFS Unbound, released on December 2, 2022, has garnered a Metacritic score of 77, accompanied by mixed user reviews on Steam. Autoevolution’s rating of 75 out of 100 highlights the game’s enjoyable, contemporary arcade experience. Notably, it performs optimally on the Steam Deck, with a recommended setting of 40 fps to ensure the best gameplay experience.

NFS Unbound is available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S for $70, or through the EA Play subscription service. Upcoming updates include a “Cops vs. Racers” mode in Volume 8, with further details on Volume 9 yet to be revealed.


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