Citroen DS Revival: Modern Luxury Saloon Design Speculation

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Citroen DS Revival
Citroen DS Revival

With a legacy spanning from 1955 to 1975, the Citroen DS remains an enduring symbol of automotive innovation. Renowned for its front-mid-engine configuration and front-wheel-drive setup, this executive car redefined comfort and handling excellence through pioneering hydraulic systems.

Decades may have passed since its production ceased, yet the DS continues to fascinate enthusiasts with its distinctive design and unmatched performance. Recent murmurs from Auto Express fuel excitement among fans, hinting at the possibility of a modern-day resurrection project that reimagines this timeless icon for contemporary roads.

Citroen DS Revival
Citroen DS Revival (Citroen)

DS Automobiles, the luxury brand, is reportedly considering reviving the iconic Citroen DS as a new luxury saloon. Stellantis CEO Olivier Francois hinted at a stylish tribute to the 1960s legend. If executed well, this revival could enhance DS’s position among luxury brands like Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, Lexus, and newcomers like Genesis.

Should this ambitious project come to fruition, it would stand poised to challenge the likes of BMW’s i7, the Mercedes EQS, and Tesla’s Model S, rather than conforming to the traditional luxury sedan world inhabited by the 7 Series and Lexus LS.

Drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of Citroen’s iconic DS lineage, coupled with the contemporary essence of DS Automobiles’ design ethos and cutting-edge EV technology, the envisioned vehicle promises a blend of timeless elegance and forward-looking innovation. However, it’s prudent to approach the accompanying renderings with a measure of caution, as the project remains speculative at this juncture.

Anticipated to boast a range surpassing 400 miles and equipped with rapid charging capabilities, this vehicle would be tailored for seamless long-distance journeys, aligning with the evolving needs of discerning drivers of electric mobility.


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