TLC 4×4: Land Cruiser Restomod Mastery Unleashed

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TLC 4x4
TLC 4x4

In Harrisburg, North Carolina, TLC 4×4 stands out by focusing solely on the revered Toyota Land Cruiser family, setting itself apart from typical restomod workshops. The workshop’s dedication is exemplified by the carefully refurbished 1997 FZJ80 and a notable model celebrated for its exceptional off-road capabilities from the 1990s.

Despite not being the fastest, these iconic Toyotas are renowned for their outstanding reliability and sturdy build, making them enduring favorites on both highways and rugged trails. Unlike competitors such as the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Land Rover Discovery, the 80-series Land Cruisers are famed for their remarkable durability and longevity.

TLC 4x4
TLC 4×4 (TLC 4×4)

Enter TLC 4×4, where these venerable Land Cruisers are imbued with newfound agility, courtesy of a comprehensive restomod process. Beginning with the separation of the original engine from the chassis, TLC 4×4 embarks on a meticulous journey, stripping the vehicle down to its bare essence. Any signs of wear and tear accumulated over years of rugged service are meticulously addressed, with corroded components refurbished or replaced to exacting standards.

Externally, the FZJ80 receives a striking two-tone paint scheme, marrying Jade Green with Mystic Gold accents, while the interior is adorned with plaid-pattern tan leather seats, evoking a sense of rugged luxury. With a starting price of $250,000, this restomod Land Cruiser represents a labor of love, where heritage meets innovation, resulting in an automotive masterpiece that commands attention on any terrain.

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