Trae tha Truth’s Tesla Cybertruck: A Bold Statement with Custom Forgiato Wheels

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Trae tha Truth's Tesla Cybertruck
Trae tha Truth's Tesla Cybertruck

Known widely as Trae tha Truth, Frazier Othel Thompson III is a significant figure in Texas hip-hop, recognized not only for his musical contributions but also for his substantial philanthropic and activist efforts.

He has established the Angel by Nature Foundation to support the youth in Texas and co-founded Relief Gang, a non-profit organization that assists communities in recovering from natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey. Trae’s unwavering dedication to his community is demonstrated through his numerous initiatives aimed at providing help and uplifting those in need.

Trae tha Truth's Tesla Cybertruck
Trae tha Truth’s Tesla Cybertruck (Tesla)

His contributions have been so impactful that Houston has annually celebrated ‘Trae Day’ since 2008. Despite his altruistic work, Trae also indulges in the finer things in life, which is evident in his eclectic car collection. Among his notable additions is a Tesla Cybertruck customized with a striking milky white and burgundy wrap, complemented by Forgiato forged wheels, standing alongside luxury Maybach models.

Indeed, Trae’s artistic expression transcends music, as evidenced by his creative flair in customizing vehicles. Each addition to his collection reflects his bold and distinctive style, transforming each ride into a unique statement piece.


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