Classic 1973 Plymouth Barracuda: Rare H-Code V8 and Black Paint for $59,500

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Classic 1973 Plymouth Barracuda
Classic 1973 Plymouth Barracuda

In response to the groundbreaking Ford Mustang that sparked the pony car phenomenon in 1964, Plymouth introduced the Barracuda. Initially built on the Valiant platform, the Barracuda stood out with its unique fastback design and wraparound rear glass. Over the years, the Barracuda saw several evolutions.

The second generation, which appeared in 1967, still utilized the Valiant foundation but featured extensive redesigns. The most significant shift occurred in 1970 when Chrysler moved away from the Valiant underpinnings and launched the third generation on the new E-body platform, shared with the Dodge Challenger.

Classic 1973 Plymouth Barracuda
Classic 1973 Plymouth Barracuda (Plymouth)

This generation, produced until 1974, witnessed the Barracuda shedding its Valiant lineage entirely, embracing a distinct identity. Boasting an array of potent engines, including the legendary Hemi V8, the Barracuda cemented its status as a muscle car icon.

Presented is a pristine 1973 Plymouth Barracuda, embodying the spirit of the golden age of muscle cars. Adorned in a fascinating black finish with striking yellow-orange accents, it exudes timeless allure.

Powered by a numbers-matching 340 V8 engine, this Barracuda offers exhilarating performance paired with classic charm. Priced at $59,500, it stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of the Plymouth Barracuda, fascinating enthusiasts with its blend of heritage and power.


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