1967 Cutlass Supreme: Classic Luxury Restored to Perfection for Collectors

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1967 Cutlass Supreme
1967 Cutlass Supreme

Among Oldsmobile’s esteemed lineup, the Cutlass Supreme stands out as a quintessential blend of luxury and performance. This 1967 model, highlighted in the accompanying photo, remains a testament to its era, preserving its robust, high-performance engine.

Oldsmobile provided a range of engine choices, appealing to various preferences: while high-compression four-barrel engines were the norm, more economical two-barrel versions were also available, catering to those mindful of premium gasoline costs.

Currently listed on eBay, the seller confidently states that the engine runs impeccably and the transmission operates seamlessly, ensuring it is primed for the open road with little effort.

1967 Cutlass Supreme
1967 Cutlass Supreme (Oldsmobile)

Despite its age, this Cutlass Supreme has seen minimal use over the decades, with the current owner having only added approximately 4,000 miles to the odometer since 1997. With meticulous care and maintenance, it has remained in remarkable condition, sheltered from the elements and preserving its classic charm.

While the paint may show signs of wear, the whole condition is exceptional, requiring only minor attention to restore it to its former glory. With a clean interior and no major issues typical of older vehicles, this Cutlass Supreme presents a compelling opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

As the eBay auction progresses, potential buyers have the chance to acquire a piece of automotive history, with the current bid standing at $5,000. Located in Bloomfield, New Mexico, interested parties are encouraged to inspect the vehicle before placing their bids, ensuring a smooth transaction and a new chapter in the Cutlass Supreme’s journey.

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