Jeep Wagoneer S Showcases Fresh Design with Aerodynamic Features

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Jeep Wagoneer S Showcases Fresh Design with Aerodynamic Features
Jeep Wagoneer S (Jeep)

During the Jeep Wagoneer S reveal, the media talked with Ralph Gilles, the Chief Design Officer of Stellantis. He shared some interesting details about how they designed the electric SUV. One thing the media asked was why they chose the Wagoneer S for an electric version instead of the Recon, which seems more like a typical Jeep. Gilles said they wanted an electric Jeep that could go a long way, so they aimed for a 300-mile range. That meant making something lower and more aerodynamic.

Gilles said they started designing the Wagoneer S about four years ago. He mentioned that the design team was mostly made up of Millennial and Gen Z designers. The main sketch guiding the project was done by a 29-year-old. When the media asked how that happened, Gilles said it was a happy coincidence. The younger designers were drawn to the electric project. He was impressed with how well they worked together, like a family. He also liked that they didn’t stick to old ideas about what a Jeep should look like. He was proud that the design didn’t scream “electric car.”

The young design team also helped choose materials for the Wagoneer S. They moved away from traditional luxury materials like wood and chrome. Instead, they used different kinds of metal like aluminum and zinc. They avoided chrome because it’s bad for the environment and looked too old-fashioned.

Gilles mentioned something exciting about the interior materials. Instead of using shiny black plastic, they used ceramic-coated and textured aluminum. This was because customers didn’t like how easily the black plastic showed fingerprints and scratches. Jeep even gives new Wagoneer owners microfiber cleaning cloths to keep the panels clean.

Jeep Wagoneer S Showcases Fresh Design with Aerodynamic Features
Jeep Wagoneer S (Jeep)

Aerodynamics were important for the Wagoneer S’s range. They used something called the “R-Wing” to hide the sloping fastback. At first, the wing was just for looks, but later they made it more functional for better airflow.

Designing an electric Jeep had its challenges. Gilles said it was tricky figuring out how to keep Jeep’s iconic grille without needing it for cooling. They ended up making the grille solid and putting lights above it to shine through. They couldn’t make the grille like the Charger because they needed space for storage in the front.

Finally, the media asked about the Trailhawk concept. Gilles said they originally planned the Wagoneer S to be a luxury model with a long range, and the Recon would be more for off-roading. But they couldn’t resist making a Trailhawk version because Jeep always does that with their models.


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