Dodge Matador: Uncovering a Rare Automotive Gem

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Dodge Matador
Dodge Matador

In 1960, Chrysler made significant changes to its automobile lineup, discontinuing models such as the Coronet, Custom, Custom Royal, and Lancer. To address the separation of Plymouth cars from Dodge dealerships and the resulting need for a new budget-friendly option, Chrysler introduced the Dart, Polara, and Matador.

Built on the Chrysler Windsor and Newport platform, the Matador was designed as a mid-range vehicle, bridging the gap between the entry-level Dart and the premium Polara.

Dodge Matador
Dodge Matador (Dodge)

Offered in several body styles, including two- and four-door hardtops, a four-door sedan, and a station wagon, the Matador failed to gain the same popularity as its siblings. Despite its distinctive design and features, it experienced sluggish sales and was discontinued after only one model year.

Today, the Matador is a rare nameplate, with only a few examples still in existence. For car enthusiasts, these rare finds present an opportunity to restore a piece of automotive history.

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