Honda Civic Type R EK9: JDM Legend Up for Auction

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Honda Civic Type R EK9
Honda Civic Type R EK9

A remarkable piece of automotive history is currently available for auction: a 1999 Civic Type R, painted in the iconic Championship White and hailing from Canada, bearing the chassis number EK91103163. The sixth-generation Civic debuted the first-ever Civic Type R, known as the EK9, exclusively in the Japanese domestic market (JDM).

This particular model has a storied history, with limited production numbers of 7,007 in 1998, 4,009 in 1999, and 5,225 in 2000, cementing its status as a highly desirable collector’s item. Among these, the ultra-rare N1-spec Motor Sports Edition, limited to just 200 units, stands out with its extensive weight-saving modifications.

Honda Civic Type R EK9
Honda Civic Type R EK9 (Honda)

Maintaining its original drivetrain and showcasing minimal alterations, this Civic Type R is powered by the high-revving B16B engine, capable of producing 182 horsepower and 118 pound-feet of torque, enhanced by a responsive VTEC cylinder head.

Despite its age, the EK9’s performance remains impressive, making it a coveted treasure for enthusiasts. With the bidding process now underway, this auction presents a unique opportunity to own and experience the thrill of a legendary JDM icon.


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