Toyota’s Latest Releases, Rumored Updates: What’s Next?

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Toyota's Latest Releases, Rumored Updates
Toyota's Latest Releases, Rumored Updates

Toyota is expanding its presence in the U.S. market with a series of new model introductions and updates. Recently, the Grand Highlander, a mid-size crossover SUV made in America, was launched as a family-friendly vehicle paired with the Lexus TX. The fourth-generation Tacoma, dubbed the N400, now features the Trailhunter grade, a 326-hp i-Force Max hybrid powertrain, and a 2.4-liter i-Force turbo engine.

The iconic Land Cruiser has returned in a mid-size form alongside the 2024 Lexus GX. Updates have also been made to the 2025 Camry, one of the top-selling mid-size sedans, and the new Crown Signia, a near-premium mid-size crossover SUV, has been introduced. Additionally, the anticipated sixth-generation 4Runner, a mid-size off-road SUV, is on the way. As these new models debut, the focus is also shifting to Toyota’s compact lineup.

Toyota's Latest Releases, Rumored Updates
Toyota’s Latest Releases, Rumored Updates (Toyota)

The next-generation RAV4, a highly popular crossover SUV, is expected to receive updates soon. Vince Burlapp, a digital artist, has envisioned various designs for the 2025 or 2026 RAV4 and is now turning his attention to the Corolla Cross compact crossover SUV. Launched in 2020 and released in North America in 2022, the Corolla Cross replaced the smaller C-HR and competed with Honda’s HR-V.

Despite its practicality, the design has been criticized for lacking excitement. Burlapp’s CGI concepts aim to revitalize the Corolla Cross with a more aggressive front design, stronger fender flares, and a sleeker roofline, offering a new perspective on Toyota’s compact SUV segment.

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