Audi’s Next Moves: RS Models and Third-Gen Q3

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Audi's Next Moves
Audi's Next Moves

Audi is launching the limited-edition RS 4 Avant ‘edition 25 years’ and RS 5 Sportback ‘performance edition’ in Europe, with only 250 units of each available at premium prices. These will soon make way for the new RS 5 Avant and Sportback, set to join the A5 series as the A4 transitions to e-tron.

Audi plans to phase out engine numerals like 55 TDI and 45 TFSI to reduce confusion, with odd numbers designated for ICE models and even numbers for electric models. For example, the Q6 e-tron will be the EV counterpart to the upcoming Q5. Some models, including the Q7 SUV and Q3 subcompact, will remain unaffected by this change.

Audi's Next Moves
Audi’s Next Moves (Audi)

Rumors indicate that the third-generation Q3, expected as a 2025 model, will feature a fresh design potentially incorporating split-headlight styling seen in competitors. This new Q3, similar in style to the Audi Q6 e-tron, has been spied with minimal camouflage, and digital renderings suggest its potential look.

Enthusiasts debate whether the 2025 or 2026 Q3 will be a facelift or a new generation, with a consensus leaning towards a direct introduction of the third generation. Audi’s strategy of gradually adding features like the Sportback version in 2019 and a PHEV option in 2021 has contributed to this confusion.

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