750SS Tribute Ducati Custom: Mandrill’s Masterpiece Revives Racing Legacy

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750SS Tribute Ducati Custom
750SS Tribute Ducati Custom

Mandrill Garage undertook a distinctive custom tribute project inspired by the iconic 750SS that clinched victory at Daytona in 1977 with Cook Neilson.

Using a Scrambler Icon as the foundation, Mandrill was granted full creative freedom to reimagine the bike. The project began with digital renderings, followed by the complete teardown of the donor bike.

The original swingarm was swapped out for a trellis unit from a Ducati Monster S4RS, seamlessly fitting into the Scrambler’s frame. The rear suspension received an adjustable Ohlins shock absorber, while the front end was upgraded with modern upside-down forks from a V4-powered Ducati.

Enhanced braking power came from Brembo’s radial calipers and drilled rotors, complemented by Y-spoked Marchesini wheels from the S4RS and Pirelli tires. With the chassis optimized, Mandrill Garage focused on aesthetic enhancements.

750SS Tribute Ducati Custom
750SS Tribute Ducati Custom (Mandrill Garage)

A custom handmade fairing, drawing clear inspiration from the 750SS, was mounted using bespoke aluminum hardware. The transformation continued with a custom-built fuel tank and a bespoke tail section flanked by carbon fiber number boards, enhancing the tribute’s homage.

LED components handled illumination, and the cockpit was revamped with clip-on handlebars and Brembo master cylinders. Repurposed rear sets from another Ducati Monster and a sleek black leather saddle completed the ergonomic package.

The exhaust system, a combination of Hypermotard headers and an Arrow silencer, added performance and style. The project culminated in a striking paint job reminiscent of Neilson’s 750SS, featuring blue and silver hues, gold wheels, and number 31 graphics on the rear plates.


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