Hyundai’s Small SUV Revolution: Venue and Kona Innovations

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Hyundai's Small SUV Revolution
Hyundai's Small SUV Revolution

Hyundai’s compact vehicle lineup caters to a wide range of needs and tastes in the American market. Notably, the Venue crossover stands out as the most affordable option, priced below $20,000.

In contrast, the second-generation Kona, which starts at $24,250, offers more interior space while maintaining the practicality of a crossover SUV.

The Kona also boasts a striking design that blends contemporary style with a rugged feel, featuring symmetrical lighting and bold, pronounced lines.

Hyundai's Small SUV Revolution
Hyundai’s Small SUV Revolution (Hyundai)

Digital artist Nikita Chuicko, who goes by kelsonik on social media, has envisioned a sporty design kit for the Kona, perfect for those seeking a more personalized appearance.

His concept incorporates additional black plastic elements for a more aggressive aesthetic, along with larger aftermarket-style wheels and a sporty dual exhaust setup.

Performance enthusiasts will appreciate the Kona N-Line model, which boasts a turbocharged engine delivering 190 horsepower.

Although there is anticipation for a full-fledged Kona N model in the future, Hyundai remains committed to offering innovative designs that cater to a wide array of preferences within the crossover market.


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