Kia EV9: Pricing, Production, and Performance Details Revealed

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Kia EV9
Kia EV9

Kia America has not yet updated the EV9 configurator to reflect the expected $7,500 federal tax credit. However, customers leasing the EV9 can still benefit from a $7,500 lease bonus.

During a recent event, Kia America CEO SeungKyu Yoon introduced the first EV9 manufactured in the United States, driven off the assembly line by Governor Brian Kemp and Kia Georgia VP of Production James Watson.

The EV9, built in Korea, sold 1,118 units last year and 4,007 in the first quarter of 2024. Although it doesn’t match Tesla Model Y sales, the EV9 is a larger and pricier vehicle. At $54,900, it is a considerable investment for a Kia, but it is understandable given its size and features.

Kia EV9
Kia EV9 (Kia)

The EV9 serves as the zero-emission counterpart to the Telluride, offering seating for seven and placing it among the few three-row electric SUVs. Hyundai’s version of the EV9 will join this segment soon.

The 2024 Kia EV9 is available in five configurations, starting with the Light RWD at $54,900, which offers a range of 230 miles (370 kilometers). The Light Long Range RWD, priced at $59,200, offers 304 miles (489 kilometers) but reduces seating to six due to second-row captain’s chairs.

The Wind, Land, and GT-Line variants, which have ranges of 280 or 270 miles (451 or 435 kilometers), are part of the AWD portfolio. Early in 2025, a performance-focused GT model is predicted, and by the summer of that same year, it should be on US soil for the 2026 model year.

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