Mercedes-AMG C 43 Recall: Seat Wiring Safety Alert & Rework Campaign

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Mercedes-AMG C 43 Recall
Mercedes-AMG C 43 Recall

Produced between March 10 and April 14, 2023, at Mercedes’ Bremen facility in Germany, the 2023 Mercedes-AMG C 43 is available with two performance seat packages.

The basic package features AMG Performance seats upholstered in black MB-Tex and microfiber, while the advanced package includes multi-contour front seats.

An issue has been identified in these vehicles involving improperly routed front seat wiring harnesses, attributed to a deviation during vehicle development. This misrouting could lead to damage when the seatback is fully reclined, potentially impairing airbag functionality and increasing the risk of injury.

If the wiring is damaged, a red warning message about an airbag malfunction will appear for the driver. The affected harness part numbers are A2065403873 and A2065403973. Notably, the Bremen plant also produces the AMG SL and AMG GT models.

Mercedes-AMG C 43 Recall
Mercedes-AMG C 43 Recall (Mercedes)

In response to reports from end-of-line testing, Mercedes initiated an investigation in late March 2023 and began rerouting harnesses as part of a rework campaign in May 2023. This effort coincided with the recall period for the US market, which spanned from March to April 2023.

The recall was formally issued in May 2024 following additional testing that indicated potential issues with the PRESAFE impulse side airbag and thorax-pelvis side airbag due to damaged wiring.

Fortunately, Mercedes-Benz AG has not reported any related field incidents or warranty claims. Dealers are tasked with inspecting and reworking the front seat wiring harnesses for affected vehicles at no charge to customers.

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