Toyota Recall: Addressing Engine Debris in Tundra and LX 600

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Toyota Recall
Toyota Recall

Toyota has recently issued a recall for certain gas-powered Tundra pickup trucks and LX 600 luxury SUVs due to a manufacturing defect.

This recall affects around 102,000 vehicles in the U.S. and close to 10,000 in Canada. The defect is linked to machining debris that might have been left in the engine, potentially causing damage to crankshaft bearings.

This could lead to rough engine performance, unusual knocking sounds, stalling, or complete engine failure, which poses a significant hazard, especially at high speeds. The recall covers 2022-2023 Tundra i-FORCE models and 2022 LX 600 models but does not include the hybrid Tundra versions.

Toyota Recall
Toyota Recall (Toyota)

Although a permanent solution is not yet available, Toyota is expecting to notify affected owners by the end of July 2024 about a significant recall issue.

The comparable short block component numbers for the hybrid and non-hybrid variants of the V35A-FTS engine indicate that replacement engines should be available.

However, to uphold its reputation for reliability, Toyota must address the issue promptly. Owners can check if their vehicle is affected using the VIN lookup tools on Toyota’s or the NHTSA’s websites.


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