Jeep’s Electric Revolution: Wagoneer S to Compass CUV 2025

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Jeep's Electric Revolution
Jeep's Electric Revolution

Aiming to challenge Tesla’s dominance, the 600-hp Jeep Wagoneer S is set to compete with the Model Y Performance in the U.S. market. The Wagoneer S Trailhawk concept also promises to boost the off-road prowess of the production model.

Looking ahead, Jeep CEO Antonio Filosa has confirmed that the next-generation Cherokee will debut next year, likely offering both gasoline and hybrid options as part of the brand’s electrification strategy by 2025.

Jeep's Electric Revolution
Jeep’s Electric Revolution (Jeep)

The Jeep Compass, approaching its eighth year, is expected to see a new version soon. This upcoming model might be built in Italy or Canada and will likely utilize the STLA Medium platform, the same one found in the Peugeot 3008 and Opel Grandland.

Additionally, Stellantis plans to introduce a $25k Jeep EV in the United States, though there are concerns about Jeep’s capability to deliver a competitive model at that price compared to Tesla’s and Chevrolet’s $35k Equinox EV.

The central question is whether Jeep can transform the market with a budget-friendly all-electric SUV, a redesigned Compass CUV, and an updated 2026 Cherokee.

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