Land Rover’s Electric Vision: Defender Octa to Range Rover EV 2025

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Land Rover's Electric Vision
Land Rover's Electric Vision

Big things are coming from Land Rover, starting with the launch of the most powerful Defender yet the Octa version, featuring a twin-turbocharged mild hybrid V8 that promises exceptional performance on any terrain.

At the same time, there’s growing excitement for the upcoming all-electric Range Rover SUV, which closely resembles its gas-powered counterpart. The excitement began in December 2023 when Land Rover announced the Range Rover EV waiting list and commenced initial prototype testing.

Normally, testing lasts about two years, but utilizing the current Range Rover platform could cut this to about one year, explaining the similar look of the ICE and EV models at this stage.

Land Rover's Electric Vision
Land Rover’s Electric Vision (Land Rover)

Digital car enthusiasts are also visualizing the future of Range Rover. AutoYa Interior on YouTube has released CGI renderings of a refreshed 2025 or 2026 Range Rover, featuring both traditional internal combustion engines and hybrids.

These renderings suggest modest changes, such as slimmer headlights, an updated grille, a new front bumper, and horizontal LED taillights. The interior might include a larger, vertically stacked infotainment screen and a more streamlined steering wheel.

The channel also predicts that the forthcoming Range Rover EV will be built on the current model, ensuring a smooth transition to an electric future. With these developments, Land Rover seems poised for a successful launch of the Range Rover EV, alongside a mid-cycle update for the conventional model.

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