Ferrari F250 Hypercar: Race-Inspired Design and Innovation

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Ferrari F250 Hypercar
Ferrari F250 Hypercar

Ferrari is poised to revolutionize automotive performance with the upcoming debut of its F250, expected to launch in the fall as a 2025 model. With projections suggesting it will surpass 1,000 horsepower, the F250 aims to set new standards in the supercar world.

Over ten years ago, the LaFerrari astonished the automotive community with its groundbreaking combination of a powerful V12 engine, a kinetic energy recovery system, and an electric motor, generating an impressive 963 horsepower and over 900 Nm of torque. Since then, Ferrari has continually advanced its electric technology.

Recently, Carparazzo Varryx captured spy footage of a heavily camouflaged F250 prototype near Ferrari’s Maranello headquarters. Although the prototype’s body panels aren’t final, its design appears inspired by Ferrari’s endurance racing legacy, featuring an S-duct hood reminiscent of the 488 Pista. This design channels air through the front bumper and out a vent in the hood, enhancing downforce on the front axle while reducing drag.

Ferrari F250 Hypercar
Ferrari F250 Hypercar (Varryx /YouTube)

The rear of the prototype, with dual exhaust outlets, suggests a 296-like finisher. The reason for this design is the V6 engine under the rear deck. This V6, although unexpected, is a proven powerhouse, having won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2023 with the 499P.

One of the most powerful engines is Ferrari’s 120-degree V6, which generates 654 horsepower at 8,000 rpm in the 296 GTB and GTS models. The combined output is an incredible 819 horsepower, which is driven by the back wheels using an axial flux motor supplied by YASA.

Considering Mercedes-AMG adapted their F1 turbo V6 hybrid power unit for the ONE hypercar, Ferrari could use a race-derived V6 for the F250. To keep the weight low, the F250 might be an ERS hybrid instead of a plug-in hybrid.

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