Kairos EV: Innovative Three-Wheeled Electric Vehicle with Advanced Safety Features

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Kairos EV
Kairos EV

Mathieu L’Hopitault, a young French transport designer, has introduced the Kairos EV, an innovative electric three-wheeler that tackles key safety concerns with two unique systems.

Currently in its pre-prototype phase, this sleek and narrow vehicle is being developed by the SIREMS Association, a French nonprofit focused on electric mobility.

The Kairos EV features a delta configuration with two rear wheels and one front wheel for steering, providing superior stability.

Its semi-reclined, foot-forward riding position improves weight distribution and balance, making it especially effective in carrying passengers or heavy loads.

Kairos EV
Kairos EV (SIREMS Association)

The Programmed Restraint Device (PRD), another key safety feature, aims to minimize serious injury in a frontal impact. The PRD, a chest pad mounted in the cockpit, prevents the rider from being thrown over the handlebars during a collision. It has a triangular shape, hinged at the front and electrically locked at the rear, and in the event of a flip, it unlocks automatically to allow safe ejection of the rider.

With a main luggage compartment located between the rear wheels, both the MLEs and PRD serve as additional cargo compartments. For urban driving, the Kairos EV offers a combination of bike-like fun and car-like steadiness.

Philippe Girardi, the founder of the SIREMS Association, emphasizes the project’s goal to merge safety with additional benefits like more storage, better aerodynamics, and a unique driving experience.

While the precise specifications are still under wraps, a demonstrator vehicle is expected by the end of the first quarter of 2025, with the Kairos EV aiming for a market launch by 2028, priced around €30,000 (approximately $32,650).


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