Fiat’s Electric 500e Gets a Beachy Makeover

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Fiat's Electric 500e Gets a Beachy Makeover
Fiat 500e Inspired by Los Angeles (Fiat)

Fiat keeps adding more versions of its electric 500e car. They just introduced a new one called Inspired by Los Angeles. This model is all about California vibes and comes with special features and a higher price.

The car’s unique color is called Marine Layer Mist, which is a bluish-gray shade. Fiat chose this color to represent the coastal fog that rolls into Los Angeles in May and June. The car also has gray mirror caps for contrast.

Inside, the car has beige seats, a soft steering wheel, and a special Marine Layer Mist dashboard. Fiat also included a seven-speaker sound system with different sound modes chosen by Italian singer Andrea Bocelli.

The car’s performance hasn’t changed. It still has an electric motor with 117 horsepower and a 42-kilowatt-hour battery. It can go up to 149 miles on a single charge.

Fiat's Electric 500e Gets a Beachy Makeover
Fiat 500e Inspired by Los Angeles (Fiat)

The car comes with Level 2 driving technology, which uses features like adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assistance. This doesn’t make the car fully autonomous, but it helps the driver on certain roads.

The price for this model starts at $37,595, which is more expensive than other versions of the 500e. For comparison, another version called the 500e RED costs $34,095. Fiat also sells an older version of the 500e in Europe for about $19,200.

The Inspired by Los Angeles model is made in Turin, Italy. It’s available for sale now, and deliveries will begin in the third quarter of 2024. Every 500e comes with a Level 2 home charger or charging credits for the Free2move network. Fiat plans to add a hybrid model to the 500 range in the future, but it’s unclear if it will be sold in the United States.


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