Dodge Challenger T/A: A Classic Muscle Car Icon with a Storied Racing History

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Dodge Challenger TA
Dodge Challenger TA

A roaring comeback for Dodge, the Challenger returned in the late 1960s to challenge the supremacy of Ford’s Mustang and Chevrolet’s Camaro in the muscle car arena.

Despite a short-lived run for its powerhouse V8, the Challenger carved a niche for itself with iconic trims like the HEMI and the T/A.

This first-generation Challenger even marked Dodge’s return to the competitive SCCA Trans-Am racing series in 1970, boasting a specially built 304-cubic-inch V8 engine.

Dodge Challenger TA
Dodge Challenger TA (jeff_mopar/eBay)

Although the racing season was challenging, the T/A model led to the creation of a rare street-legal version with distinctive stripes, a fiberglass hood, and side-exiting exhaust pipes. Only 2,399 units of this T/A model were produced, making it a one-year wonder.

Many of these cars have survived, with some remaining highly original and unrestored. One such example is a yellow T/A with black stripes, which retains its original paint and shows some wear but remains in excellent condition at 72,000 miles.

Although the engine has been rebuilt with reconditioned rods and forged pistons, making it less of a true survivor, it still holds significant value among enthusiasts. This is evident in a current eBay auction where the bid has reached $58,050, with the auction continuing until June 12 and the reserve yet to be met.


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