2025 Mazda3 Sales Trends: Insights and Analysis

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2025 Mazda3 Sales Trends
2025 Mazda3 Sales Trends

While Mazda’s focus may be shifting towards crossover SUVs, as evidenced by their recent sales success, the 2025 Mazda3 still holds its ground. The compact car starts at $23,950 for the Sedan and $24,950 for the Hatchback, showing a minor increase from the previous year.

Interestingly, Mazda3 sales have seen a positive trend, rising over 22% to more than 15,000 units between January and May. This is in contrast to MX-5 Miata’s sales, which dipped by over 30% during the same period.

The surge in popularity for Mazda’s SUVs is undeniable, with the CX-30 experiencing a nearly 40% increase to over 44,000 units sold. The CX-50’s sales have skyrocketed by almost 53% to over 27,000 units, and the all-new three-row CX-90 boasts a staggering 435.5% growth, reaching over 18,000 units sold.

2025 Mazda3 Sales Trends
2025 Mazda3 Sales Trends (kelsonik / Instagram)

Mazda’s sales figures reveal an interesting trend. While the CX-5, due for an update, saw a 13.5% dip, it remains their top seller with over 58,000 units. In contrast, the brand-new CX-70, a two-row counterpart to the CX-90, has just begun hitting dealerships, with only 181 delivered so far (136 in May).

However, its starting price of $40,445 positions it above the CX-90’s $37,845, potentially puzzling some buyers who don’t require the extra seating. To address this, online car enthusiasts have proposed customizing the CX-70 with larger aftermarket wheels for a more visually striking look.

Taking this idea a step further, virtual artist Nikita Chuicko (known as kelsonik) has rendered the CX-70 in fascinating colors Polymetal Gray Metallic and Melting Copper Metallic complete with red brake calipers and Y-spoke alloy wheels.

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