Nissan Ariya Recall: Oil Leak in Traction Motors Can Lead to Power Loss

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Nissan Ariya Recall
Nissan Ariya Recall

A recent issue in electric vehicles (EVs) highlights the importance of proper component assembly, even in electric motors that don’t rely solely on oil for lubrication.

This problem resulted in a potential loss of power and a disabled restart function, prompting an investigation by Nissan.

The concern began in February 2023 with a report from Japan describing a warning message on the car’s display. While initial troubleshooting pointed towards a battery issue, further inspection revealed a different culprit: an internal oil leak.

Nissan Ariya Recall
Nissan Ariya Recall (Nissan)

According to recall number 24V-391, Nissan is addressing an issue with certain 2023 Ariya vehicles manufactured in Japan.

These Ariyas, identified by VINs starting with J, may experience a potential problem with the front motor assembly.

To rectify this, Nissan will notify owners by mail in mid-July and replace the faulty part free of charge, though the repair process can take up to 10.5 hours. For reference, the replaced component, the front traction motor assembly, carries a part number 290A0-5MP0F.


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