Tesla Model S: Is a Major Update Overdue

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Tesla Model S
Tesla Model S

Debuting in 2008 and hitting the roads in 2012, the Tesla Model S has been a mainstay in the luxury electric vehicle market. However, with eight years since its last major update, questions are swirling about its future.

While Tesla has a history of pushing back release dates for new models, the Model S has remained competitive through consistent improvements. Still, there’s a growing sentiment that a substantial refresh is needed to solidify its position.

Even the high-performance Plaid variant isn’t exempt from criticism, with some arguing the Model S, as a whole, is overdue for an overhaul. With the EV world constantly evolving and boasting new hardware and technologies, the pressure is on for Tesla to breathe new life into the Model S.

Tesla Model S
Tesla Model S (Instagram/vburlapp)

With electric vehicles gaining traction, whispers of a revamped Tesla Model S are swirling. Fanciful CGI renderings, like the recent one by vburlapp, depict a radical departure from the current design.

This vision boasts a wedge-like shape, rounded front wheels, a unified rear light bar, and sleek camera replacements for side mirrors. However, this futuristic form could sacrifice practical features crucial for luxury cars, like rear passenger headroom and ample trunk space.

While Tesla stays tight-lipped on a new Model S, surely an upgrade is on the horizon. But with competition in the electric executive car market heating up, will Tesla stick with the familiar Model S or usher in a revolutionary redesign?


By Jayson O'Neil

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